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Quantum Now LLC is a research and consulting company that develops technologies based on the interactions of biological tissue with external energy fields. Through partnerships and collaborations, our focus has been on ultrasound, from basic science through device engineering, regulatory issues and standards compliance, yielding diagnostic and therapeutic tools. Quantum Now LLC helps companies to navigate the biomedical device regulatory processes of the United States Food and Drug Administration and the International Electrotechnical Commission. A major current project explores safe ultrasonic stimulation of neuronal tissue.

From Muratore R, LaManna JK, Lamprecht MR, Morrison, B. Bioeffects of Low Dose Ultrasound on Neuronal Cell Function, Proceedings of the 38th Annual Ultrasonic Industry Association Symposium, Vancouver, BC Canada, 2009 March 23 / 25. Response of a rat hippocampal slice culture to varying ultrasonic dose. The ultrasonic stimuli were 4.04-MHz, 100-μs pulses from a 42-mm diameter f/2.1 transducer. The focal region was aligned with the hippocampal surface, incident at about 45°. The gray bars to the right of the potentials represent the 1st, 2nd (median), and 3rd quartiles. The inset is a sample waveform from the third sweep of channel 78. The recordings were 300 ms in duration: 100 ms pre-stimulus and 200 ms post-stimulus, with an approximately 1-ms blanking period at stimulus onset.

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