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Quantum Now LLC has a growing portfolio of patents in therapeutic ultrasound and related fields. If you are interested in licensing or partnership opportunities to bring these ideas into the marketplace, please contact us to discuss options.

United States Patent 6,846,290
Lizzi, Frederic L.; Ketterling, Jeffrey A.; Muratore, Robert
Ultrasound method and system
Diagnostic ultrasound is used to measure distance from a transducer to selected tissue structure. In one arrangement, the focal point of a high intensity focused ultrasound transducer is adjusted in accordance with measured distance to the selected tissue structure. In a second arrangement a transducer transport apparatus moves a transducer to maintain a selected distance from tissue structure.
United States Patent 9,042,201 B2
Tyler, William J.; Goldwasser, Isy; Muratore, Robert; Pal, Sumon; Sato, Tomo; Wetmore, Daniel Z
Method and system for direct communication
Information is communicated to an individual by directing an acoustic signal transcranially to a target region in the brain. The target region is stimulated to produce a cognitive effect, and the cognitive effect is modulated or encoded to carry the desired information.
United States Patent Application 20100076314
Muratore, Robert; Alam, Sheikh Kaisar
System and method for creating a virtual force field
The present invention describes systems and methods for creating a virtual force field. A field source may be scanned over a region of interest on an object using a scanning technique such as vector scanning or raster scanning. The techniques disclosed herein describe applying the force field over volumetric (spatial) regions that can extend beyond the dimensions of the focal region of the force-field source (e.g., acoustic, electromagnetic, or optical source). The present invention may equally apply to multiple processes linked by cause and effect that exhibit unequal time dependence.
United States Patent Application 20090082703
Muratore, Robert
Method and apparatus for the treatment of tendon abnormalities
The present disclosure relates to a method of treating abnormalities in a tendon through the use of high intensity therapeutic ultrasound (HITU) energy.
United States Patent Application 20070239007
Silverman, Ronald H.; Muratore, Robert
Ultrasound method for enhanced visualization of thermal lesions and other features of biological tissues
Systems and methods for visualizing lesions in tissue are provided. The systems and the system and methods exploit the differential scattering of ultrasound waves by normal and lesioned tissues to image the lesions. Spectrum analysis of the harmonics in diagnostic ultrasound waves that are differentially backscattered from lesioned and normal tissues provides image contrast and resolution.
United States Patent Application 20060241527
Muratore, Robert; Homma, Shunichi; Burkhoff, Daniel; Wang, Jie
System and method for inducing controlled cardiac damage
A murine myocardial infarction model is provided. Cardiac damage or coronary defects are induced in the model by non-invasive application of focused high intensity ultrasound energy. The size or extent of the defects is controlled by varying ablation time, exposure number, pulse repetition rate, and acoustic intensity.
Canadian Patent Application 2,538,465
Muratore, Robert; Homma, Shunichi; Burkhoff, Daniel; Wang, Jie
System and method for inducing controlled cardiac damage
Corresponding to US Patent Application 20060241527